Things to do when on holiday in Malta

Find below a random list of 81 things to do when on holiday in Malta. Malta's small size is an advantage as most sites are within a relatively small distance. Different things apply to different people, tastes and lifestyles so not all of the things listed might apply to everyone. Nonetheless, try and enrich your Malta holiday by pursuing some of the items on the list! There are alot of things to do in Malta. Enjoy your holiday in Malta!
  1. The Shipwreck tells the story of the last trip of the Apostle towards Rome in 60AD, towards the sentence of his martyrdom because of his conversion to Christianity. It also shows today’s places that are related to this story of the shipwreck and the three months stay of the Apostle on the Maltese islands
  2. Have an audio-visual tour of Malta at the Malta Experience.
  3. Visit the 'Hypogeum Temple'
  4. Go to a village 'festa' and mingle with the locals
  5. Organise a 'fenkata' (rabbit), at a restaurant in the village of Mgarr.
  6. Visit the Mosta Church which is famous for having one of the largest domes in the world.
  7. Wander the streets of Mdina at night.
  8. Have coffee at 'Café Premier' in Valletta on a Sunday morning.
  9. Try Maltese 'pastizzi', filled with ricotta or peas.
  10. Play a round of golf at 'The Royal Malta Golf Club' – The Royal Malta Golf Club
  11. Go diving.
  12. Visit the three cities in Cottonera.
  13. Go to 'Ghar Dalam', a prehistoric cave.
  14. Go to Dingli cliffs, limits of Rabat.
  15. Explore Valletta's grid system of streets. Checkout our Valletta Audio Tour
  16. Drink and dance at Paceville, where all the nightlife is!
  17. Swim at the 'Blue Grotto'.
  18. Walk around 'San Anton Gardens' in Attard.
  19. Go to Mellieha Bay, especially if you have kids.
  20. Don't miss out on a Melita Train ride! A great way to discover the charms of Rabat, Mtarfa and Mdina on Malta's only sightseeing train tour.
  21. Go to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.
  22. Rent a car and explore.
  23. Eat 'bebbux' (snails).
  24. Ride the traditional Maltese bus.
  25. Visit the 'Ta' Qali Crafts Village'.
  26. Go for a ride on a 'karozzin' (horse drawn carriage).
  27. Get a boat to the 'Blue Lagoon' in Comino.
  28. Go for an evening walk on the Sliema promenade.
  29. Admire 'St. John's Cathedral' in Valletta.
  30. Visit 'St. Paul's Catacombs' in Rabat.
  31. Enjoy the view from the' Upper Barrakka Gardens' in Valletta.
  32. Explore underground shelters at the 'Malta at War Museum', Vittoriosa.
  33. Walk around 'Fort St Angelo'.
  34. Go to the open air market outside Valletta (early morning on Sunday).
  35. Witness how old guns were loaded and fired at 'The Saluting Battery' in Valletta.
  36. Visit the 'National Museum of Archeology' in Valletta.
  37. Visit and Shop at Malta’s largest Shopping Mall, The Point at Tigne Point, Sliema.
  38. Enjoy a bottle of Maltese wine.
  39. Visit 'Lascaris War Rooms', Valletta.
  40. Visit 'St. Agatha's Catacombs'.
  41. Go to Ghar Lapsi, a cove and small fishing village.
  42. Visit the 'Second World War Shelter' located in Mgarr.
  43. Visit the village of Marsascala.
  44. Go to 'Buskett Gardens', a small 'wood' close to Rabat.
  45. Check out the Mtarfa ex-British military buildings.
  46. Admire the Caravaggio painting in 'St John's Cathedral'.
  47. Go parakiting from one of our sandy beaches and get a bird's eye view of Malta!
  48. Have a shot of 'Zeppi's', a Maltese bajtra (prickly pear) liqueur.
  49. Go to 'Fort Rinella' and see one of the world's largest canons.
  50. Attend a concert or play at the 'Manoel Theatre' in Valletta
  51. See a 'Norman House' by visiting Palazzo Falzon in Mdina.
  52. Walk around the exhibits at the 'St John's Cavalier Centre for Creativitity'.
  53. Buy Maltese bread from a village bakery.
  54. Try Maltese sausage, available from village butchers.
  55. Try Gozo cheese.
  56. See the 'Fat Lady' at the Tarxien temples.
  57. Admire 'The Magesterial Palace & Armoury' in Valletta.
  58. Walk around 'Popeye's Village'.
  59. Explore the village of Rabat.
  60. Walk around the stalls at the Marsaxlokk open-air market.
  61. Do your own walking tours around the Victoria lines.
  62. Relax at Gnejna bay.
  63. Eat 'lampuki' in summer, (local fish).
  64. Charter a yacht and sail round the island.
  65. Go to Comino by 'luzzu' (maltese boat).
  66. Get the ferry from Sliema to Valletta.
  67. Have a pint of 'Cisk' – Malta's local beer.
  68. Try 'Kinnie', a bitter-sweet Maltese soft-drink.
  69. Try a packet of 'Twistees' (local packet snack).
  70. Try 'mqaret' Maltese traditional date filled pastries.
  71. Try 'hobz biz-zejt', maltese bread with tomato paste.
  72. Visit the 'Hagar Qim Temples'.
  73. Go to the 'Maritime Museum' in Vittoriosa.
  74. Enter the 'Mdina Dungeons'.
  75. Visit the National library in Valletta.
  76. Swim at St Peters Pool in Marsascala.
  77. Try the chocolate cake at 'Fontanella' tea rooms in Mdina.
  78. Hop on and off the Malta Sightseeing bus.
  79. Visit the 'Museum of National History' in Mdina.
  80. Go to the 'Malta War Museum' in Fort St Elmo in Valletta.
  81. Enjoy the mosaics at 'The Roman Villa' in Rabat.


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